Committed to creating an open and comprehensive blockchain payment ecosystem

PAYC organizes global financial payment internationalization: the construction of a new mode of international payment

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The phenomenon-level application of financial payment is bound to be applied on a large scale


PAYC Global Financial Payment System

Create a variety of open tools applied to blockchain payment scenarios, provide them to merchants and enterprises, and finally create an open ecosystem based on blockchain finance. The PAYC development team has many technological innovations in development, and the soft payment independently developed by PAYC Key functions such as technology (RouPay) and MHT technology (Matching hedge Technology) are innovative functions independently developed by PAYC

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Build the most robust and powerful infrastructure for digital business, provide a complete international financial payment solution for the commercial digital society, and build a new ecological environment based on the financial field

Business ecology

Build a decentralized commercial payment ecosystem

Decentralized finance

Open, transparent, decentralized

Digital economy

Make the digital economy serve all walks of life, accelerate the digital economy cycle and industry circulation


PAYC accelerates the digital economic cycle and industrial circulation, and builds a global commercial payment ecosystem. It is rooted in one piece

Smart Service

In the future, PAYC smart contracts will be implemented to simulate the central bank to increase or tighten the money supply to maintain the relative stability of the currency price. The algorithm-based stable currency DUSD will be generated to create a global digital token settlement network system

Payment Chain

Total issuance: 500 million pieces are unlocked according to the total amount of cross-chain locks. When the decentralization unlocks more, PAYC will adopt the repurchase method to change into locks, forming a cross-chain lock corresponding to the total amount of PAYC unlocking. When decentralized The more locks, the more PAYC unlocks, cross-chain locks and PAYC locks reach a balance

    PAYC is committed to creating an open and comprehensive blockchain payment ecosystem. PAYC provides different services and products for merchant users and individual users. For merchant users, PAYC provides a PAYC commercial platform.

Realize one-click access to PAYC payment and cross-border payment solutions

Communication module based on RSA algorithm encryption, over-the-counter secured transaction, fast transaction

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Global Open Network

System design principles

PAYC's rigorous design logic is based on strict design principles and philosophy. The distinctive features of the blockchain system conflict with application requirements, technical methods contradict actual conditions, and it is difficult to reconcile. System design needs to follow a complete causal cycle Principles, this is based on a set of philosophical thoughts.

  • Construct trust

    This is the core mission of blockchain, and the purpose of system design is to build a trusted system for applications.

  • Decentralization

    It is the core feature of blockchain and the fundamental means to construct trust

  • Open Architecture +

    Openness is a necessary condition for decentralization. Openness means equality for all, open source code, and civilian facilities

  • Application-oriented

    The open architecture leads to equal participation and equal use. Participants who do not trust each other need a trust mechanism to ensure

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Growing global network

Build a new global payment ecological environment, and popularize the application of blockchain technology in all walks of life, open up the blockchain financial field, and lead the reform of the new era. PAYC hopes to connect all walks of life by opening up the value of digital assets and business.

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PAYC long-term planning

Our main route development planning timeline

  • March 2020
    March course

    We will quickly build a prototype project with almost complete functions at this stage to test and verify functions

  • June 2020
    June course

    Determine the direction of the financial ecology and support PAYC smart contracts, and introduce a side chain mechanism

  • October 2020
    October route

    Improve the ecological applications around the PAYC main chain

  • March 2021
    March course

    Establish and develop and improve the open source community, start and promote more application access

  • May 2021
    May course

    Open cross-chain asset transfer and cross-chain smart contract call functions

  • December 2021
    December course

    Realize the implantation of more consensus modules

  • March 2022
    July course

    Improve the core multi-chain functions, move towards commercialization, commercialize DEFI applications

  • May 2023
    May course

    Provide a full range of solutions for industrial, financial and commercial production and operation needs